Turkey's industrial export problem and multinational corporations.

Çevik, M. Bülent


Turkey's agricultural exports (1989-1998): constant market share analysis
Temiz, Dilek; Akder, Halis; Department of Economics (2002)
Turkey's energy policies and the eurasian region
Çelebi, Yusuf İnan; Çelebi, Yusuf İnan; Department of International Relations (2006)
This thesis analyses Turkey̕s energy policies and Turkey̕s foreign relations through the energy issues in the Eurasian region. In the first phase, the energy policies implemented by the state and free market orientation in Turkish energy sector will be discussed. The impacts of neo-liberal economic policies, regional organizations (the European Union and OECD), and global finance institutions (International Monetary Fund ا the IMF and the World Bank ا WB) on Turkish energy sub-sectors, particularly since th...
Turkey's Approaches on Cyber Security Policy Framework
Baykal, Nazife (2013-06-12)
Advanced and sophisticated cyber-attacks pose a serious risk to economic and national security. The solutions for cyber security problems necessitate initiatives from all legal, institutional, scientific and technical domains, and the cooperation of governments, universities, industry and civil societies. The global nature of the problem also puts a special emphasis on international cooperation. Therefore, countries need to develop strategies on both national and international scales in a holistic approach....
Turkey's foreign trade liberalization in the 1980s
Günaydın, Feyziye; Şenses, Fikret; Department of Economics (1990)
Turkey's Humanitarian Diplomacy: The AKP Model
Altunışık, Meliha (2019-01-01)
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M. B. Çevik, “Turkey’s industrial export problem and multinational corporations.,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 1980.