Temperature-dependent capacitance-voltage biasing of the highly tunable TlGaTe2 crystals

Hasanlı, Nızamı
The temperature effects on the capacitance-voltage characteristics as well as the room temperature capacitance-frequency characteristics of TlGaTe2 crystals are investigated. A very wide range of linearly varying tunable capacitance from 6.0 mu F to 60 pF was recorded. The capacitance-voltage characteristics, being recorded in the temperature range of 290-380 K, revealed a linear increase in the build in voltage associated with exponential decrease in the density of non-compensated ionized carriers with increasing temperature. The high temperature (up to 380 K) biasing ability, the linear tunability and the high dielectric constant values ( similar to 10(3)) make the TlGaTe2 crystals applicable in microelectronic components.


Temperature dependence of Raman-active mode frequencies and linewidths in TlGaSe2 layered crystals
Yuksek, NS; Hasanlı, Nızamı (2005-03-01)
Raman spectra of TlGaSe2 crystal at different temperatures are discussed. The temperature dependence of frequency shifts and linewidths of the Raman peaks in the frequency region of 10-320 cm(-1) have been measured in the range from 50 to 320 K. The analysis of the experimental data showed that the temperature dependencies of phonon frequencies and linewidths are well described by considering the contributions from thermal expansion and lattice anharmonicity. The anharmonic contribution (phonon-phonon coupl...
Current-voltage and capacitance-voltage characteristics of a Sn/Methylene Blue/p-Si Schottky diode
OCAK, YUSUF SELİM; Kulakci, M.; KILIÇOĞLU, TAHSİN; Turan, Raşit; AKKILIÇ, KEMAL (2009-08-01)
Electrical and interfacial properties of Sn/Methylene Blue (MB)/p-Si Schottky diode have been determined by using current-voltage (I-V) and capacitance-voltage (C-V) measurements of the device at room temperature. Cheung functions and modified Norde functions have been used to obtain the electrical characteristics such as barrier height and series resistance of the diode. It has been seen that the MB layer modifies the effective barrier height of the structure because the layer creates the physical barrier ...
Temperature-dependent absorption edge and photoconductivity of Tl2In2S3Se layered single crystals
Güler, Işıkhan; Ligonzo, T.; Hasanlı, Nızamı (2013-02-15)
Temperature variation of indirect band gap of Tl2In2S3Se layered single crystals were obtained by means of absorption and photoconductivity measurements. The temperature coefficient of -7.1 x 10(-4) eV/K from absorption measurements in the temperature range of 10-300 K in the wavelength range of 520-1100 nm and -5.0 x 10(-4) eV/K from PC measurements in the temperature range of 132-291 K in the wavelength range of 443-620 nm upon supplying voltage V = 80 V were obtained. From the analysis of dark conductivi...
Temperature-dependent structural transition, electronic properties and impedance spectroscopy analysis of Tl2InGaS4 crystals grown by the Bridgman method
Qasrawi, A. F.; Alkarem, Qotaibah A.; Hasanlı, Nızamı (2018-09-01)
In this work, we report the temporary structural modifications associated with the in situ heating of the Tl2InGaS4 crystals in the temperature range of 300-420 K. The analysis of the X-ray diffraction patterns revealed the temperature-independent possible phase transformations between the monoclinic and triclinic phases. The temperature analysis of the lattice parameters, crystallite size, strain, dislocation density and stacking faults has shown a temporary enhancement in the crystallinity of this compoun...
OZILGEN, S; OZILGEN, M; REID, DS (Elsevier BV, 1994-01-01)
Homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation rates of ice in aqueous systems are described in the literature with the equation J = A exp (B tau). There are a very large number of published data available for variation of the constants A and B with experimental conditions. Results of this study show that the parameters obtained in the experiments with differential scanning calorimeter and the microscopic technique may be described separately with an empirical compensation equation of the form In A = aB + b. The ...
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