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The relationship among individual differences in individualism-collectivism, extraversion, and self-presentation

Arpaci, Ibrahim
Baloğlu, Mustafa
Kesici, Sahin
Individualism versus collectivism as an aspect of culture and extraversion as an aspect of personality may help explain self-presentation attitudes, intentions, and behaviors on social networking sites. Thus, this study aims to investigate the individual differences and relationships among individualism versus collectivism, extraversion, and self-presentation attitudes, intentions, and behaviors. The Individualism-Collectivism Scale and the Big Five Personality Scale were used to collect the data from 311 college students (75.9% woman, mean age = 20.68). Results show that individualism has a significant positive correlation with extraversion, which has a significant correlation with selfie posting attitudes, intentions and behaviors. Even though the correlation between individualism and attitudes toward self-presentation was statistically significant, the magnitude of the association was small.