A Social History of Late Ottoman Women: New Perspectives



A comparative study of the press laws of 1909 and 1931
Güçtürk, Yavuz; Ergut, Ferdan; Department of History (2005)
In this thesis the press laws of 1909 and 1931 are analyzed and compared. Before the comparative examination of the press laws, the emergence and development of press in the Ottoman Empire in the nineteenth century, including the related legal arrangements, is given within an historical framework. This thesis aims to introduce the similarities and differences between the first and only press law of the Ottoman Empire and the first one of the Turkish Republic by examining them in detail. It is argued that th...
Studies in Ataturk's Turkey, the American Dimension
Türkeş, Mustafa (Brill, 2011-01-01)
Debating Turkish Modernity. Civilization, Nationalism and the EEC
Kahraman, Sevilay (2015-01-01)
A pan-Islamist in Istanbul: Jamal Ad-Din Afghani and Hamidian Islamism, 1892-1897
Sever, Aytek; Şeker, Nedim; Department of Middle East Studies (2010)
Sayyid Jamal ad-Din al-Afghani was a prominent pan-Islamist of the nineteenth century. His appeal of Muslim unity as a common front against the West and call for a regeneration of Islamic societies opened up the way for a new type of politics in Muslim lands and constituted a model for the Islamist discourse. This study examines his stay in Istanbul as a guest of the Ottoman Sultan, Abdulhamid II, between 1892-1897. The rule of Abdulhamid involved policies centered around the Caliphate. His enthronement coi...
An architectural and social inventory of the past and the present: documenting the 19th century houses in Menteşbey
Uğur, Selen; Özgenel, Lale; Department of History of Architecture (2004)
Culture and all of its aspects are best reflected in the home environments. Home is not only a house which is a shelter but a place with social, psychological and emotional associations, and manifests in the continous use of a house. Continuity of use in the home environments is both conceptual and physical, and this can be observed in traditional or historical domestic contexts, to which the Ottoman vernacular house is an example. This study introduces the village of Mentesbey and its 19th century vernacul...
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