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An Investigation into user experience of mobile passenger systems

Kökcü Çetin, Selcen
With the developments in information and communication technologies, the use of mobile apps has increased significantly in many areas, one of which is transportation. Transportation, especially in urban environments, is a very current and prominent issue, with the ever-increasing size of the cities requiring more roads and more vehicles, while traffic congestions worsens day by day. Therefore, urban residents want to choose the most convenient and the least time-consuming way to complete their journeys. Mobile passenger information systems serve citizens for this purpose, by giving real-time information on public transports. It is important that these systems are designed with a human-centered approach in order to increase the quality of life of their users. This approach entails understanding both the experience of the passengers that use such a system and how they relate to the technology that operates the system. In this thesis, the factors that influence user experience as well as the technology acceptance of mobile passenger information systems were investigated through field studies conducted on a vi sample application dedicated to a specific urban location. The results were discussed in light of the literature review of how these systems evolved, along with their current and projected future situations, to offer insights and suggestions on how the experience and the design leading to it may be improved.