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What makes an EFL textbook effective?: learner perceptions about characteristics of effective EFL textbooks

Hopa, Merve
This study was carried out to investigate learner perceptions as to what constitutes an effective EFL textbook generally, in terms of grammar and vocabulary, four basic skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking), and communicative content. To this end, a mixed method of inquiry was adopted, and 117 participants (93 male, 24 female; mean age: 19.78) participated the study by filling out a questionnaire that was prepared by the researcher in addition to 12 people who took part in the semi-structured interviews. Interview participants were chosen among those who also responded to the questionnaires. The data showed that even though learners are not knowledgeable about textbook selection and evaluation, they were well aware of what an effective EFL textbook should be like both in the global and local sense. The results obtained via questionnaires and interviews are presented in a way that they complement each other, and all suggestions are collated and a tentative textbook evaluation checklist was proposed. Based on the results of this study, some implications for ELT are provided as well as suggestions for further research.