Generation of optimized voronoi based interior structures for improved mechanical properties

Öncel, Anil Can
Yaman, Ulaş
General design approaches are related with and inspired by natural examples. Since evolution itself pushes beings to their full potentials in the most efficient way, it is important for us to understand, observe and mimic the nature itself. In this study, naturally inspired internal structures are constructed by using hollow Voronoi cells and models are optimized to meet the design requirements. For this purpose, design volume firstly undergoes topology optimization with specific load and support conditions, and then the volume is divided into several density regions. Cell generation algorithm advances according to the average stress values in these corresponding regions, the number of seeds in structurally critical regions is higher than others. Thus, the results of the optimization are reflected on the models. Since the Voronoi based interior has high porosity, the selected test models are manufactured via Fused Filament Fabrication process. The proposed approach is tested on these cases and the performance of the method is compared with respect to the cases having random Voronoi site distributions. According to the test results, strength-to-weight ratios of the tested artifacts are enhanced.
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A. C. Öncel and U. Yaman, “Generation of optimized voronoi based interior structures for improved mechanical properties,” 2019, vol. 38, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: