Cultural life script and personal life story events in Turkish cultural context

Aytaç, Fatma Kübra
The current study aims to identify the different aspects of the life script and life story to examine whether autobiographical memory recall is guided by the life script in Turkish culture. In this study, the psychological analysis was integrated with the sociological approach by addressing the relationship between autobiographical memory and cultural life script events in the light of previous studies. In total, 241 women and 168 men participated in the study by filling out demographic information form, The Personal Life Story Events Questionnaire, and The Cultural Life Script Events Questionnaire for an imagined same-sex new-born and an imagined opposite-sex new-born. The content analysis of the events revealed that there were some events (getting into college, having a job, getting married, starting school, having a child) repeated by the majority of participants and they were common to both male and female life scripts. All hypotheses of the study were supported for most of the events out of the top six with the highest frequency.


Cultural changes in Turkish society: a comparative study through literature of past and today
Yaman, Öykü; Özkan, Türker; Department of Psychology (2018)
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Gender role influences on Turkish adolescents' self-identity
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Expert views and local responses towards Iraqi Turkmen humanitarian refugees in Ankara, Turkey
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The Association of activities of daily living with quality of life and life satisfaction among turkish elderly population: the mediating role of loneliness
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Psychometric Properties of the Satisfaction with Life Scale among Turkish University Students, Correctional Officers, and Elderly Adults
DURAK, MİTHAT; ŞENOL DURAK, EMRE; Gençöz, Tülin (2010-12-01)
This study aims to extensively examine the psychometric properties of adapted version of the Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS) in different Turkish samples. In order to test the psychometric properties of the SWLS three separate and independent samples are utilized in this study, namely university students (n = 547), correctional officers (n = 166), and elderly adults (n = 123). Concerning the reliability of the scale, internal consistency and item-total correlation coefficients are found to be satisfacto...
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