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Solar PV power plant site suitability assessment by gisbased mcdm methodology in Beypazarı-Ankara

Dikmeoğlu, Berrak
Energy is the principal requirement of humankind and the major challenging subject is to utilize clean energy sources. Majority of the worldwide energy demand is met by fossil fuels which are finite and will eventually terminate. To provide a sustainable future and handle the growing effects of climate change, clean energy sources are becoming crucial worldwide. Solar energy draws attention due to being one of the most low-priced, infinite and environmentally friendly renewable energy resources. The purpose of this study is to propose and implement a Geographic Information System (GIS) based Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) methodology with a new hybrid approach integrating Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)-Fuzzy Ordered Weighted Averaging (OWA) with linguistic quantifier “all” to select priority sites for the solar PV power plant. Environmental and regulatory objectives together with economic and technical criteria related with solar energy systems are determined through a comprehensive examination of literature, interviews and Turkish legislation. Membership degrees for each grid based on the defined objectives and criteria are calculated according to fuzzy membership functions. Then by the help of AHP, criteria weights are assigned to these membership degrees and aggregated using Fuzzy OWA “all” linguistic quantifier into overall potentials which are used to select priority sites. Finally, to determine the superior areas in terms of efficiency and production potential within the priority sites, solar radiation distribution along the potential sites are prepared as a resultant map of this study. Within the concept of this thesis, the proposed methodology is applied to the study area located within Beypazarı district of Ankara.