On-line computer control of slabbing mills.

Ataman, Ergin


On modelling of microwave heating of a ceramic material
KOZLOV, P. V.; Rafatov, İsmail; KULUMBAEV, E. B.; LELEVKIN, V. M. (2007-05-07)
A simple model is proposed and tested for simulations of ceramic processing by microwave heating. The model is based on a piecewise constant approximation of the material properties and makes it possible to separate and analyse different effects caused by the sample shape and the dependence of the material properties on temperature. Specifically, the simulation results demonstrate that microwave heating of an alumina sample can be very sensitive to a variation of its dielectric constant with temperature. Fo...
On numerical simulations of fore and aft noise radiation from turbofans
Özyörük, Yusuf; Long, L.N. (2003-01-01)
This paper discusses numerical simulations of fore and aft noise radiation from turbofan engines. Three different approaches are considered. These are based on the explicit solutions of the full Euler equations, Euler equations linearized about a nonuniform background flow, and the frequency space form of the linearized Euler equations with nonuniform flow, respectively. Issues related to the fan-face inflow and outflow boundary conditions are discussed, and results from the three methods are presented and ...
On statistical analysis of synchronous stream ciphers
Sönmez Turan, Meltem; Doğanaksoy, Ali; Department of Cryptography (2008)
Synchronous stream ciphers constitute an important class of symmetric ciphers. After the call of the eSTREAM project in 2004, 34 stream ciphers with different design approaches were proposed. In this thesis, we aim to provide a general framework to analyze stream ciphers statistically. Firstly, we consider stream ciphers as pseudo random number generators and study the quality of their output. We propose three randomness tests based on one dimensional random walks. Moreover, we theoretically and experimenta...
On the modeling of the heat inactivation of Listeria innocua in orange juice
Buzrul, Sencer (Elsevier BV, 2009-05-01)
On the modeling and formulation of hyrraulic networks.
Köksal, Sevil; Department of Electrical Engineering (1974)
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