Reterritorialization of post-soviet Eurasia

Tekir, Gökha
This study attempts to analyze the new spatial configurations in Eurasia. It scrutinizes territory and territoriality, challenging the view that territory as a frozen and static concept. While observing changes in territoriality in Eurasia, the thesis considers the Belt and Road Initiative as the main factor in deterritorilizing and reterritorializing Eurasian space by laying out economic corridors, which will transcend the boundaries of nation-states on Belt and Road route. Out of six economic corridors this thesis chooses the New Eurasian Land Bridge and the China-Central Asia-West Asia corridors as case studies in which deterritorialization and the new spatial configurations take place in Eurasian space.


Active flutter suppression of a smart fin
Karadal, Fatih Mutlu; Yaman, Yavuz; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2008)
This study presents the theoretical analysis of an active flutter suppression methodology applied to a smart fin. The smart fin consists of a cantilever aluminum plate-like structure with surface bonded piezoelectric (PZT, Lead- Zirconate-Titanate) patches. A thermal analogy method for the purpose of modeling of piezoelectric actuators in MSC®/NASTRAN based on the analogy between thermal strains and piezoelectric strains was presented. The results obtained by the thermal analogy were compared with the refer...
Reconstruction of collective memory through spatial representations of İzmir waterfront, since the 1920s
Yüksel, Pınar; Sargın, Güven Arif; Department of Architecture (2015)
This study explores the spatial transformation of Kordonboyu and its representations under the theoretical framework of collective memory. Memory as a dynamic and evolving phenomenon with regard to the associated social frameworks of an everchanging present is a collective entity. Urban space that is under continuous transformation within political, economic, and social discourses constitutes the material background of these social frameworks. This research examines the construction and maintenance of colle...
Kinematic and force analyses of overconstrained mechanisms
Üstün, Deniz; Özgören, Mustafa Kemal; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2011)
This thesis comprises a study on the kinematic and force analyses of the overconstrained mechanisms. The scope of the overconstrained mechanisms is too wide and difficult to handle. Therefore, the study is restricted to the planar overconstrained mechanisms. Although the study involves only the planar overconstrained mechanisms, the investigated methods and approaches could be extended to the spatial overconstrained mechanisms as well. In this thesis, kinematic analysis is performed in order to investigate ...
Relationships between topography and Kerkenes (Turkey), a GIS analysis
Çayırezmez, Nurdan Atalan; Summers, Geoffrey; Department of Settlement Archaeology (2006)
This study investigates the effect of topography in ancient city “Kerkenes” using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Kerkenes, an Iron Age city located on a batholith in Yozgat province, Turkey, was chosen because of its exceptional size, short life and the availability of extensive data. Approximately seven kilometres of city wall in Kerkenes, including towers and seven gates, enclose 2.5 km². The research comprises topographic analysis and settlement data analysis. Elevation values collected by Global ...
The metaphorical (re)construction of Turkey in political discourse: a corpus-driven critical metaphor analysis
Efeoğlu, Esranur; Işık Güler, Hale; Department of English Language Teaching (2015)
This study investigates and describes the conceptual (re)construction of Turkey as a sociopolitical structure in domestic and international political discourse. The study identifies the source domains and concepts mapping into the target domain of Turkey, as well as the manifestations of related conceptual metaphors. A corpus-driven Critical Metaphor Analysis is carried out on the corpus of Political Discourse (POLDIS) which consists of articles from Turkish, British and American newspapers in a designated ...
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G. Tekir, “Reterritorialization of post-soviet Eurasia,” Thesis (Ph.D.) -- Graduate School of Social Sciences. Area Studies., Middle East Technical University, 2019.