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The relationship between campus life and students’ perception: effects of campus practices on the cultural capital of university students

Uzunyol, Tuna
This thesis attempts to analyse formal and informal campus life practices as the habitus of university students from different social background in Ankara. The campus habitus’ ways of influencing the idea of community, aspirations and their perception on belonging to a community as social and cultural capital are determined as the base of the study. Student identity’ development examined as educational achievement according to the sociology of school effect. University campus plays an essential part in student identity development for higher education. Students develop a sense of self and establish an identity through the school years which construct the social dimension of education. It is found that campus practices are indispensable features of this dimension. Ethnographic research and semi-structured in-depth interviews were used as data collection techniques. Through the perspective of interpretative methodology, the field study which conducted in Middle East Technical University was analysed. Findings of this study indicate that campus practices integrate university students under the same place-identity for the case of Middle East Technical University. Through a new non-classical curriculum, the relation among students and the physical settings of campus habitus consolidates.