Living an uncertain life on the margins of Ankara

Subaşı, Işın
This thesis aims to analyze how poor Syrian refugees navigate their lives concerning the structural violence of neoliberal economic policies and temporary protection status which set the stage for further exploitation, securitization and precarization for Syrian refugees in Turkey. Although the studies associated with refugees have been mostly dominated by the humanitarian, criminalizing and tolerating narratives and have had a strong tendency to portray Syrian refugees' experience as a reproducing cycle of exclusion, this thesis suggests that refugees are not only passive objects of temporary protection regime and neoliberal policies but also relatively active agents of their own life, particularly in creating their own tactics to evade state control, social hostility and the effects of the temporary legal status. In this context, this thesis focuses on Syrian refugees' subjective experiences on the basis of everyday life and the way they respond to these experiences by creating their own tactics.
Citation Formats
I. Subaşı, “Living an uncertain life on the margins of Ankara,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Social Sciences. Political Science and Public Administration., Middle East Technical University, 2019.