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The Relationship between the national identification and attitude towards syrian refugees in the context of Turkey: the role of social contact and locus of control factors

Antmen, Deniz
This thesis examines the relationship between national identification of citizens and citizen’s attitude towards Syrian refugees in Turkey. The Social Identity Theory and Integrated Threat Theory were used as a theoretical background for the stated examination. In addition, the role of the concepts of social contact and of locus of control in the relationship between identification and attitude was investigated. Research data was gathered from 552 individuals from 46 cities in Turkey through a survey package both in online and offline contexts. The results of regression analysis showed that national identification of citizens in Turkey predicts their negative attitude towards Syrian refugees. Also, moderational analysis showed that refugee locus of control factor moderates the relationship between national identity and attitude. Finally, supplementary analyses were conducted to present demographical differences in the citizens’ attitudes toward refugees.