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Neoliberal governmentality of health in Turkey,a case study of constitution of "healthy woman" as a subject

Bilge-Ülker, Deni
This ultimate aim of this study is to investigate particular experience of neoliberalism in Turkey by focusing on the health domain. For this purpose the study deals with the process of constitution of healthy woman subject through neoliberal discourse in Turkey. According to the literature review, in this study, neoliberal governmentality of health is operationalised with its three different dimensions namely, medicalization, commodification of health and individualization of health. These dimensions have also become the guiding principles of data analysis. Additionally as a political background of the study, the neoliberal transformation of health policies is examined by focusing on the Health Transformation Program of 2003. In the first phase of the field research, in order to understand media perspective, television health programs are selected to analyse by using categorized discourse analysis, then in the second phase of the field research, in order to understand the subject perspective of neoliberal governmentality of health, semi- structured in-depth interviews are conducted with women living in Ankara. By this way, the study tries to draw the picture of neoliberal governmentality of health in Turkey.