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Analysis of effects of temperature variation on deep drawing process using different constitutive laws

Demirkol, Rasih Hakan
In this study, the influences of temperature variation in deep drawing process are investigated by changing the temperatures of the whole blank, a part of the blank, the punch and die. Different yield criteria and hardening rules are considered to form the constitutive relations. The numerical results are obtained by using a commercial finite element software. Whereas Von-Mises and Hill48 yield criteria are available in the finite element code, a subroutine is developed for embedding the Yld2003 yield criteria. Simulation results for isotropic, kinematic and combined hardening rules formulated with Von-Mises yield criterion are also acquired. Circular and square and complex shaped parts made of AA5754 and SS304 materials are used in the numerical analyses. The local heating simulations are conducted for a circular part through the heating of punch, die and, flange and inner regions of the blank for different combinations. For each case, the drawability of the part is obtained by using the Johnson-Cook failure criteria. Hot Forming and in-die Quenching (HFQ) analyses are carried out and the results are evaluated by using the mentioned constitutive equations for a complex shaped part made of AA5754. The complex shaped part also utilized in conducting local heating simulations. The results obtained for different constitutive equations by the finite element analyses are compared with each other and experimental results according to thickness strain distribution, punch force variation and rim shape of the deformed blank.