Operational factors affecting maturity of units in the Beypazarı trona mine

Beşir, Tuğçe
Solution mining method is used for extracting trona ore from underground at the Beypazarı trona mine. Two vertical and one directionally drilled well are combined in a target trona seam as a production unit. Solvent containing 2-3 % Total Alkalinity at a temperature between 60-80 oC is injected from horizontal well and brine is taken from vertical wells with 14-15 % Total Alkalinity (TA) with a temperature of 40-50 oC. When brine concentration of units reaches design parameters, production unit is called as mature unit. There are some operational factors affecting the maturity of production unit. In this thesis, injection temperature and injection flow rate is observed as operational factors of production units depending on time. To see how operational factors, affect the increase of ing brine , 19 units were chosen from Beypazarı study area. At first, a regression analysis is done for the units, separately and then test is done for U6 trona seam to estimate maturity time of units with the help of operational and external factors. According to result of regression analysis, 10 of 19 units could be explained by the effect of injection temperature and flow rate depending on time with R2 (adj) is 56.8 % and it is estimated that units drilled in U6 trona seam can reach maturity level between 2,000-3,000 hours with 32 % R2 (adj) value.


Computer modeling of the initial cavern for Beypazari Trona ore on the basis of leaching rates, insoluble contents and thickness of trona layer
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T. Beşir, “Operational factors affecting maturity of units in the Beypazarı trona mine,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Mining Engineering., Middle East Technical University, 2019.