An approach on dilution and ore recovery / loss calculations in minearal reserve estimations at the Cayeli mine, Turkey

Soyer, Nihat
Dilution and ore recovery/loss have an important role in calculation of mineral reserves. Each percent increase in dilution and decrease in recovery negatively affects economic value of the reserve. These parameters are mainly controlled by the quality of the mine design and stoping practice. This study provides an approach developed for dilution and recovery/ore loss calculations. The contribution of mine design software (MineSight) and the recent survey technique called Cavity Monitoring System (CMS) were presented in this study. The purpose was to compare the new approach with the old system where the calculations had been done according to some assumptions and to optimize mineral reserve estimation process. Results indicate that the new approach used in reserve estimation process gives ~1.6% closer tonnages to the actual numbers and the grades are both ~1.6% closer to the actual values numbers when compared with the old system.