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Perceptions on the use of printed vs. interactive electronic technical manual in a training: a basic qualitative research

Böğürcü, Ceylin
The main purpose of this study was to understand the perceptions of participants of a technical training on utilization of interactive electronic form materials prepared with IETM technology. Specifically the study aims to examine their opinions, comments and evaluations about their experiences and have them compare printed materials with the mobile digital content. The participants of the study were 8 employees who volunteered to contribute to the study out of 25 employees in Integrated Logistics Support department of a company in the defense industry. Basic qualitative research design was followed where the participants were interviewed one on one, and the collected data was analyzed by employing inductive content analysis. According to the results of the data analysis, the participants were of the opinion that the features of IETM made it easy to use, and shortened access to content time. The IETM, which has an interactive interface, 3-D animations enabled users to follow and understand the content better. The results were discussed reflectively with the pre-existing results in the literature.