Experimental investigation of fludized bed to be used as solar thermal energy storage

Polat, Esra
An air-granular particle fluidized bed system with dimensions of 0.08 m x 0.4 m x 0.08 m designed and analyzed experimentally and modeled with a commercial CFD software. The aim of the hydrodynamic and thermal experiments is validation of the numerical model previously developed by Serdar Hiçdurmaz. For this purpose, an experimental setup is built at METU and CFD model of Hiçdurmaz is modified for the new geometry with the same solution settings. First-order time discretization and Eulerian-Eulerian approach are used in the model. Syamlal O’Brien drag model and Gunn thermal model are applied. Silica sand from Geldart B type particles is used in both experimental and numerical studies. After sand particles, all experimental studies are repeated with sintered bauxite particles, which are called CARBOHSP, to compare the behaviors of different particles in the fluidized bed system. Experimental results of pressure drop and bed height expansion are used for validating the CFD model. During thermal experiments, 585 K hot sand is used and, with K-type thermocouples, temperatures are measured and compared with the simulation results. Both hydrodynamical and thermal experimental results are consistent with the CFD results.
Citation Formats
E. Polat, “Experimental investigation of fludized bed to be used as solar thermal energy storage,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Mechanical Engineering., Middle East Technical University, 2019.