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Application of suitability index to Turkish coasts for wave energy site selection

Bozgeyik, Mehmet Erkam
Recently, renewable energy resources are getting more important day by day since energy demand of the world is continuously increasing. One of the promised renewable energy sources is wave energy as the water covers more than 70% of the world. Moreover, Turkey is an esteemed country with the high potential to exploit from wave energy as it is surrounded with seas and also Turkey has been searching for proper solutions in order to satisfy energy demands from past to now. In this regard, there are many studies executed in the literature for the evaluation of wave energy potential of Turkish seas, however, there are relatively less studies which discuss the site selection of Wave Energy Converters (WECs) by considering the factors from different fields. Therefore it is aimed to develop a proper framework for the site selection of WECs. Questions to be answered for the evaluation of site selection for WECs are, initially, “what are the parameters affecting the site selection” and “how these parameters can be integrated”. Both the parameters and their relations between them should be analyzed as a whole. Moreover, factors involved in a site selection study usually have a various importance degree and they can change according to the priorities of the region. Therefore, there is a need to develop a decision making model, which considers other local factors besides wave energy potential, in a Geographical Information System (GIS) in order to increase the accuracy of the results. Consequently, the main objective of this study is to determine proper locations for WECs in the Turkish coastals. After defining the factors from different fields namely; technical, environmental and socio-economical parameters, their interrelationship between each other were investigated by considering different perceptions of the researchers. Finally, a Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) technique was applied to these parameters in GIS environment.