Vibration damping behavior of epoxy matrix composites reinforced with carbon fibers and carbon nanotubes

Avil, Esma
The main objective of this study was to investigate contribution of the nonfunctionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes (CNT) on the vibration damping behavior of first neat epoxy resin and then unidirectional and bidirectional continuous carbon fiber (CF) reinforced epoxy matrix composites. Epoxy/CNT nano-composites were produced by ultrasonic solution mixing method, while the continuous CF reinforced composite laminates were obtained via resin-infusion technique. Vibration analysis data of the specimens were evaluated by half-power bandwidth method, while the mechanical properties of the specimens were determined with three-point bending flexural tests, including morphological analyses under scanning electron microscopy. It was generally concluded that when even only 0.1 wt% CNT were incorporated into neat epoxy resin, they have contributed not only to the mechanical properties (Flexural Strength and Modulus), but also to the vibration behavior (Damping Ratio) of the epoxy. When 0.1 or 0.5 wt% CNT were incorporated into continuous CF reinforced epoxy matrix composites, their contribution in terms of Damping Ratio of the composites were significant