An Implication of Health Sector Reform for Disadvantaged Women's Struggle for Birth Control: A Case of Kurdish Rural-Urban Migrant Women in Van, Turkey

In this article, we examine how socioeconomically disadvantaged women are affected by health sector reform and family planning policy changes in Turkey through a case study of Kurdish women's struggles for birth control. In Turkey, a family planning program became relatively marginalized in primary health care services as a result of health sector reform as well as a shift of population policy toward a moderately pronatal approach. We argue that an emerging health care system would leave disadvantaged women unable to benefit from contraceptives and would perpetuate reproductive health inequalities between women in the country.


The Relationship between psychological maltreatment and investment model
Dedekorkut, Senem Ezgi; Sümer, Zeynep; Department of Educational Sciences (2015)
This study aimed to adapt Psychological Maltreatment of Women Inventory (PMWI) to Turkish and examine its relationship with Investment Model Scale (IMS) among married men and women. In addition to these two scales, demographic and relational information such as gender, age, occupational status, educational status, marriage duration, number of children, and break-up intentions were also analyzed in relation to PMWI and IMS variables. In addition to comparisons and correlations, a structural equation model of...
Exploring the factors contributing to empowerment of Turkish migrant women in the UK
ÇAKIR, SAKİNE GÜLFEM; Güneri, Oya (2011-01-01)
This study examined the role of demographic factors (length of stay, education and language level), perceived discrimination, social support, four acculturation attitudes, and psychological distress in predicting empowerment among Turkish migrant women in the UK. The study sample comprised 248 Turkish migrant women (mean age: 34.38; SD: 7.6) living in London. Self-report questionnaires were used to assess empowerment, social support, acculturation attitude and psychological distress. The study hypothesized ...
Domestic Social Policy Change due to the Pressures of European Integration: Equality between Women and Men at Work and Women’s Employment Policies in Turkey
Göksel, Asuman (Routledge, 2011-11-01)
This chapter analyses how European integration in one of its most consistent policy spheres has affected the dynamics and outcome of social policy change in Turkey, in the policy fields of equality between women and men at work and women's employment. It argues that the impact of the European integration process on Turkey has been very much mediated by and flowed through the actions of domestic societal actors for the selected policy issues. The chapter employs the Europeanization conceptual framework, whic...
Immigrant domestic women workers in Ankara and Istanbul
Çelik, Nihal; Ecevit, Fatma Yıldız; Department of Sociology (2005)
This study focuses on the relationship between global economy and women̕s labor within a feminist standpoint by examining the personal and occupational experiences of immigrant women doing domestic work in Turkey. The main concern of this study is to investigate how working and living experiences of immigrant domestic women workers in Turkey are shaped by their illegal worker and immigrant status. The aim of this study is to listen to the personal experiences of immigrant domestic women workers from themsel...
Critical discourse analysis of gender policy in Turkish education: evidence from policy documents and print media
Küçükakın Mercan, Pınar; Engin Demir, Cennet; Department of Educational Sciences (2017)
The purpose of the study was threefold: (1) to examine policy discourses on gender policy in education in the last decade in Turkey, (2) to examine media discourses on gender policy in education in the last decade in Turkey, and (3) to examine teachers’ views of gender policy in education in the last decade in Turkey. The study utilized critical discourse analysis as a research tool to investigate the discursive implications of gender equality/inequality in education embedded in language and information of ...
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