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Finite element analysis of deformation behavior of concrete faced Konya Afşar Hadimi dam and comparison of results with measurements

Kardeş, Doğuşcan
To eliminate the problem of scarcity of appropriate fill material in the vicinity of construction site, concrete faced dam is a commonly preferred alternative for embankment dams. Functioning as an impervious membrane, the concrete face makes it possible to use dumped rockfill, compacted rockfill or sand-gravel fill as the dam body material. In this study, deformation behavior of Konya Afşar Hadimi Dam, which is a concrete faced rockfill dam, was investigated by finite element analyses using Plaxis and Midas GTS NX programs. Hardening soil model was used to account for stress dependence of stiffness, nonlinear behavior and inelastic deformation characteristics of rockfill. Analysis results were compared with the data collected from the instruments placed in the dam body. It was seen that, 2-D and 3-D analyses yield significantly different results concerning the settlements and vertical stresses, although the same material parameters are used. It was observed that arching effect should be considered in the deformation analyses of concrete faced rockfill dams located in narrow and asymmetrical valleys, to reach accurate estimates of the actual behavior.