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Long waves generation by atmospheric pressure disturbances and case study

Çabuk, Özge
One of the interesting marine events is the long wave generation due to spatial and temporal changes of atmospheric pressure and wind fields during storm events. These kind of phenomena is called as storm surge and cause basin wide and local water level changes in sea surface and sometimes amplifies at some regions. There are examples of these kinds of event in all over the world. In this study the atmospheric pressure and wind fields are used as the input to the numerical model NAMI DANCE which solves Nonlinear Shallow Water Equations. The new modified version of the numerical model is tested using regular shaped pressure and wind fields in regular shaped flat basins. It is applied to case studies in Caribbean region for Irma and Maria Hurricanes and the results are compared with the observations. The model is also applied to recently happened January 18, 2018 Aegean Sea Storm Event and September 29-30 18, 2018 Medicane Event.