Neutralino and chargino production in U(1)' at the LHC

Frank, Mariana
Selbuz, Levent
Turan, İsmail
We examine the production and decay modes of neutralinos and charginos in a softly-broken supersymmetric model with an extra Abelian symmetry U(1)'. We perform the study in a U(1)' model with a secluded sector, where the tension between the electroweak scale and developing a large enough mass for Z' is resolved by incorporating three additional SU(2) singlet fields into the model. Although the chargino sector is the same as in the MSSM, the neutralino sector of the model is very rich: five new fermion fields are added to the neutral sector bring the total neutralino states to nine. We implement the model into standard packages and perform a detailed and systematic analysis of production and decay modes at the LHC, for three different scenarios, consistent with the Higgs data and relic density constraints. We concentrate on final signals (1) 1l + jets+ E-T, (2) 2l + jets + E-T and (3) 3l + 0jets+ E-T, and comment on the case with 0l + jets+ E-T. We discuss backgrounds and indicate how these signals can be observed, and how the model can be distinguished from other supersymmetric model scenarios.


The Lorentz and CPT violating effects on the charged Higgs boson decays H+ -> W+ H-0 (h(0), A(0))
Iltan, EO (2005-10-01)
We study the decay widths of the processes H+ -> W+ H-0 (h(0), A(0)), including the Lorentz violating effects and analyze the possible CPT violating asymmetry arising from CPT odd coefficients. We observe that these effects are too small to be detected, since the corresponding coefficients are highly suppressed at the low energy scale.
Heavy chi(Q) (2) tensor mesons in QCD
Alıyev, Tahmasıb; Savcı, Mustafa (Elsevier BV, 2010-06-14)
The masses and decay constants of the ground state heavy chi(Q2) (Q = b, c) tensor mesons are calculated in the framework of the QCD sum rules approach. The obtained results on the masses are in good consistency with the experimental values. Our predictions on the decay constants can be verified in the future experiments.
Dual Killing-Yano symmetry and multipole moments in electromagnetism and mechanics of continua
Baleanu, D; Dubovik, VM; Misicu, S (1999-10-01)
In this work we introduce the Killing-Yano symmetry on the phase space and we investigate the symplectic structure on the space of Killing-Yano tensors. We perform the detailed analyze of the n-dimensional flat space and the Riemaniann manifolds with constant scalar curvature. We investigate the form of some multipole tensors, which. arise in the expansion of a system of charges and currents, in terms of second-order Killing-Yano tensors in the phase space of classical mechanics. We find some relations betw...
Forward-backward domain decomposition method for finite element solution of electromagnetic boundary value problems
Ozgun, Ozlem; Kuzuoğlu, Mustafa (Wiley, 2007-10-01)
We introduce the forward-backward domain decomposition method (FB-DDM), which is basically an improved version of the classical alternating Schwarz method with overlapping subdomains,for electromagnetic, boundary value problems. The proposed method is non-iterative in some cases involving smooth geometries, or it usually converges in a few iterations in other cases involving challenging geometries, via the utilization of the locally-conformal PML method. We report some numerical results for two- dimensional...
Green's matrix for a second-order self-adjoint matrix differential operator
Sisman, Tahsin Cagri; Tekin, Bayram (IOP Publishing, 2010-03-26)
A systematic construction of the Green's matrix for a second-order self-adjoint matrix differential operator from the linearly independent solutions of the corresponding homogeneous differential equation set is carried out. We follow the general approach of extracting the Green's matrix from the Green's matrix of the corresponding first-order system. This construction is required in the cases where the differential equation set cannot be turned to an algebraic equation set via transform techniques.
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M. Frank, L. Selbuz, and İ. Turan, “Neutralino and chargino production in U(1)′ at the LHC,” EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C, pp. 0–0, 2013, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: