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Dynamically determining radio access technology for energy efficiency in 5G mobile networks

Yamaç, Abdullah Ömer
The evolution of the Internet of things and information communication services introduces new demands in the 5G area. New types of services and use cases such as massive machine-type communication applications, enhanced mobile broadband and ultra-reliable low-latency services will be created in the coming years. These new services and applications will significantly increase energy consumption. In this thesis, we propose a solution for dynamically configuring the radio access technology by employing cloud radio access networks in 5G to conserve energy. Depending on user locations, remote radio unit (RRU) locations and user demands, the communication stack on the RRU is dynamically determined. While some of the RRUs are turned off in this solution, others are configured to run a protocol stack that consumes less energy while meeting user demands. We define this approach as an optimization problem in this thesis and solve it using the state-of-the-art optimization tools. We show that significant amounts of energy can be conserved by employing this approach.