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A Dependency grammar based semantics for copular comparatives

Köksal, Asiye Tuba
Comparative constructions are rich in semantic content, which makes them important for natural language understanding research and technology. A widely used grammar formalism and parser is The Stanford Dependency scheme which aims to provide a simple and strightforward description of grammatical relations. The Universal Dependecies project extends this aim to reach cross-linguistically consistent annotations for many languages. For some complicated constructions like comparatives,a more syntactically motivated dependency representation would be beneficial for easier semantic interpretation. The thesis intends to provide such representation for English copular comparatives including their interatction with prepositional phrases.We show that a compositional semantics is possible for the structures we provide. We also propose a semantic interpretation scheme for comparatives that is directly derived from the dependency structures. We computationally implement the propos- als of the thesis in a system that detects various types of copular comparatives and computes their semantic interpretations.