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Adjoint-based design optimization of a hypersonic inlet

Başaran, Mehmet
The inlet is one of the most essential parts of a scramjet engine. Its performance heavily affects the overall performance of the engine. The conventional scramjet inlet designs consist of a combination of multiple flat ramps. As the number of ramps increases, the total pressure recovery increases. However, the length and the weight of the engine also increase. In this study, the total pressure recovery of a single-ramp scramjet inlet is improved by aerodynamic shape optimization. In addition, the mass flow rate of the inlet is also maximized to increase the thrust. While performing the multi-objective optimization, the static pressure at the exit of the inlet is constrained to provide robust combustion. SU2 software with its discrete adjoint-based optimization tool is employed. It is observed that the optimum inlet design obtained satisfies both the shock-on-lip and the shock-on-shoulder conditions.