Optimization of the design parameters of a sea outfall by the aid of a computer.

Akşit, Alper


Optimization of groundwater mangement by linear programming.
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Optimization of single-pass milling operations by geometric programming method.
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Optimization of types, numbers and locations of sensors and actuators used in modal analysis of aircraft structures using genetic algorithm
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Aircraft structures are exposed to dynamic loads under service conditions and therefore, it is necessary to determine their dynamic characteristics. Dynamic characteristics of a structure can be determined using simulation-based methods such as finite element analysis (FEA) or test-based methods such as experimental modal analysis (EMA). In order to perform an EMA with reliable and high quality results, test equipment must be lightweight and have high accuracy. In addition, the sensors and actuators must be...
Optimization of Compliant Parts of a Trailing Edge Control Surface of a Morphing Wing
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Optimization of the sound source position for shaping acoustically-structurally coupled cavities
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A. Akşit, “Optimization of the design parameters of a sea outfall by the aid of a computer.,” Middle East Technical University, 1986.