Developing fragility functions for marine vessels from field survey in Gumbet bay after 20 july2017 Bodrum-Kos tsunami

Bilgin, Merve
20 July, 2017 Bodrum-Kos earthquake occurred in Gokova Bay caused a tsunami and majority of the marine vessels have significantly been dragged by the tsunami. There were minor, moderate and major damages on the marine vessels in Gumbet Bay. The current velocities and water elevation changes caused by tsunami are computed from the mathematical model NAMI DANCE by applying the three different tsunami source models and the source which results in the most compatible results with the field survey observations is selected. Then, the damage on the boats are extracted from the field survey findings. A complete analysis of the damage distribution of the vessels is performed. The computed current velocities and water elevations as well as damage findings and vessel properties are used in developing tsunami fragility curves. The resulted fragility functions for the boat damage in Gumbet Bay are presented and discussed.