Reaction of sulfur dioxide with activated soda.

Ağca, Selçuk


Reaction of sulfur dioxide with calcined limestone in a fixed bed reactor.
Candan, Neşe; Department of Chemical Engineering (1979)
Reaction of copper (II) oxide with a reducing gas /
Kocaman, Cevat; Department of Chemical Engineering (1972)
Reactions of diethylaluminum cyanide with acyl phosphonates
Sevim, İlhan; Demir, Ayhan Sıtkı; Department of Chemistry (2010)
This thesis includes reaction of diethylaluminum cyanide with acyl phosphonates. Cyanohidrin O-phosphates are synthesized from easily available acyl phosphonates and diethylaluminum cyanide. Synthesis of cross-benzoin product of acyl phosphonate, α-hydroxy phosphonate and tertiary carbinol are synthesized from the reaction of diethylaluminum cyanide with acyl phosphonates, representatively. Asymmetric syntheses of cyanohydrin and benzoin type reaction of acyl phoshonate are also investigated representatively.
Oxidation of methyl substituted cyclobutene cis-diols with activated manganese dioxide.
Güneşer, Sevim; Department of Chemistry (1972)
Reactions of 1S, 1D, and 3P carbon atoms with water. Oxygen abstraction and intermolecular formaldehyde generation mechanisms; An MCSCF study
Özkan, İlker (2012-02-05)
Reactions of singlet and triplet carbon atoms with water are explored theoretically using CASSCFMCQDPT2, CCSD, and DFT methodologies. The 1S carbons are found to be unreactive. Depending on the carbon atom generation method and the reaction medium, gas-phase C(3P) attacking water may generate CO and atomic hydrogen as the end products. Reaction paths of the C(1D) + H2O system are complicated due to the involvement of two reactive potential energy surfaces with branchings occurring along each. Modifications ...
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S. Ağca, “Reaction of sulfur dioxide with activated soda.,” Middle East Technical University, 1981.