Valorization of Şırnak asphaltite and biomass

Helvacı, Veysi
In this study, the hydrogenation and pyrolysis behavior of Şırnak asphaltite, and the synergetic effect of increasing amount of liquid product obtained from steam distillation of Şırnak asphaltite and biomass and dry reforming were studied. For that purpose, Şırnak asphaltite samples were hydrogenated and pyrolyzed and the products are analyzed. For synergetic effect investigation, steam distillation of Şırnak asphaltite with and without the presence of pepper plant biomass was performed. Results show that hydrogenation of Şırnak asphaltite results in collection of important portions of alkanes in coal structure as liquid product and synergetic effect was observed in steam distillation of Şırnak asphaltite and pepper plant biomass. The tar component of the pyrolysis of biomass consisted mostly of aromatic compounds. In order to explore the valorization of tar from biomass, CO2 reforming was selected. As a model compound, benzene was selected to represent aromatics. Dry reforming of benzene was investigated in the presence of perovskite oxides. Results show that CO2 can be used as a feedstock for valorization of biomass derived tar.
Citation Formats
V. Helvacı, “Valorization of Şırnak asphaltite and biomass,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Chemical Engineering., Middle East Technical University, 2019.