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Slot-perforated panel system proposal for variable acoustic solutions

Eşmebaşı, Merve
Performance spaces are often employed for various functions. These functions require different acoustical qualities and conditions of the hosting space needs altering to meet these requirements. There exist solutions in practice for that concern. These methods focus to change the amount of sound absorptive material in the hall rather than changing sound absorption characteristics of the system. Hence, they have drawbacks in terms of adaptability and versatility. As a potential answer to the shortcomings of these solutions, this study focuses on the crossroads between tuning capacity of perforated panels and requirements of flexible variable acoustic solutions. Effects of perforated panel’s design parameters on sound absorption capability of the system are studied. Furthermore, a prototype is developed to reveal the possibility of tuning a panel by controlling these parameters. Variations in sound absorption coefficients of the system are determined by impedance tube measurements. Maximum sound absorption coefficients are measured in 250 Hz and 2000 Hz for different panel positions. After the variable slot-perforated panel system is obtained, the system is tested on a case by computer simulations to demonstrate the capability of the proposal as a variable acoustic solution. The amphitheater of METU Faculty of Architecture Building as a small hall accommodating different functions is selected as a case and current acoustical condition of the hall are specified by field measurements. The hall is adapted to concert, musical and conference functions by the help of variable slotperforated panel proposal.