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Design and implementation of an unregulated DC DC transformer DCX module using LLC resonant converter

Alemdar, Şahin
Keysan, Ozan
Traditional high-power centralized front-end DC/DC converter can be replaced with an array of paralleled standardized DC/DC transformer (DCX) modules when load current sharing is accomplished between individual modules. In this study, an LLC resonant converter is proposed as an unregulated DCX module, which has current sharing capability. Current sharing feature is implemented by using the droop current sharing method. A methodical design process is presented for the selection of the resonant tank components. A 500kHz, 100W LLC DCX module having 360-410V input and 12.5-12.1V output is designed and tested. Current sharing performance of the proposed module is demonstrated using a two-module array 200W front-end DC/DC converter.