The Intra-Pontide suture zone in the Tosya-Kastamonu area, Northern Turkey

Frassi, Chiara
Goncuoglu, Cemal M.
Marroni, Michele
Pandolfi, Luca
Ruffini, Leonardo
Ellero, Alessandro
Ottria, Giuseppe
Sayıt, Kaan
We present the first detailed geological map of the tectonic units documented in the easternmost branch of the Intra-Pontide suture (IPS) zone in the Tosya-Kastamonu area (Northern Turkey). The Main Map is at 1:50,000 scale and covers an area of about 350 km(2). It derived from 1:25,000 scale classic field mapping and represents a detailed overview of the complexities documented in the IPS zone, a tectonic nappe stack originating from the closure of the Intra-Pontide Oceanic basin and the subsequent collision between the Istanbul-Zonguldak terrane and the Sakarya composite terrane. The map shows the orientations of superposed foliations, fold axes and mineral lineations on the basis of geometric cross-cutting relationships documented within the five tectonic units of the IPS zone and provides information on its present-day architecture resulting from activity of the North Anatolian Fault.

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C. Frassi et al., “The Intra-Pontide suture zone in the Tosya-Kastamonu area, Northern Turkey,” JOURNAL OF MAPS, vol. 12, pp. 211–219, 2016, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: