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Effect of different pricing schemes on roadside parking characteristics: case of Necatibey Ave, Ankara

Öztürk, Osman Fuat
A Central Business District (CBD) is defined as “the place of privileged exchanges” such as, goods, information, etc. Parking management is required in CBD areas in order to serve the land (roadside area) effectively to more vehicles for parking purpose. It is not possible to meet the urban parking demand by only off-street parking facilities especially at the CBDs; the concept of “roadside parking (also referred as on-road parking) management” has been developed since its first use in the 1950s. Parking management will be a major problem for most of the cities in developing countries, including Turkey, as the motorization rates have been increasing rapidly. Pricing schemes has powerful effect on parking duration of roadside parking vehicles. In Necatibey Ave, it was observed that free usage of roadside parking does not disturb drivers to move their vehicles for a long time whereas variable pricing of roadside parking increase the circulation of parking vehicles. After replacing variable parking pricing with low flat rate pricing, on Necatibey Ave, circulation is observed to decrease highly, and this application created an overload situation for parking demand.