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Design of a magnetically tuned vibration absorber

Nakkaş, Halit Erdem
In this thesis, a TVA is designed, manufactured and validated experimentally. The TVA uses eddy current effect as the damping mechanism with adjustable damping through changing distance between magnets and the conductors. In order to tune the damping level of the absorber to the desired range, magnetic analyzes are conducted and selection of conductor and magnets are made accordingly. Physical design of the TVA consists of a mass element, a spring element and a damping element. Compression helical spring is used as a spring element. A design procedure is developed and demonstrated for the spring that will satisfy the design criteria of the TVA. A procedure to estimate the fatigue life the spring element was also developed and demonstrated. Structural design of the TVA is done such that the natural frequency of the structural assembly should larger compared to tuning frequency of the vibration absorber. Modal analyses are conducted to ensure that. Finally, absorber parameters are extracted through vibration experiments validating the final design.