Turkish chemical sectoral innovation system: a case study on R&D centers

Boyacı, Aslı
This thesis aims to analyze the innovation landscape of the chemical sector in Turkey through face-to-face interviews with six R&D centers operating in the chemical industry. R&D centers are selected for the case study as they are one of the most critical actors conducting R&D and innovation activities in the sector. The sector was investigated within a set of three sub-sectors as follows: basic chemicals, specialty chemicals, and consumer chemicals. In this thesis, the sectoral innovation system (SIS) approach was used as the conceptual framework. The approach provides an overall understanding of the sector in the contexts of three main building blocks, knowledge base and technology, actors and networks, and institutions. The role of human capital in the chemical sector and contribution of qualified labor to chemical innovation system are also examined in this regard. This research uses multiple case study design as a method of inquiry to analyze the current situation of the chemical industry in Turkey in the context of SIS from the R&D centers’ point of view and to better understand the similarities and differences between the sub-branches of the chemical industry. Qualitative analysis of semi-structured interviews reveals some areas of improvement in R&D centers as well as the overall sector. Both managerial and policy recommendations that improve the functioning of the chemical sectoral innovation system are proposed accordingly.


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A. Boyacı, “Turkish chemical sectoral innovation system: a case study on R&D centers,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Social Sciences. Science and Technology Policy Studies., Middle East Technical University, 2019.