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The Evaluation of an interdisciplinary postgraduate program: the case of science and technology policy studies (TEKPOL) at METU

Atay, Ahmet
This thesis contributes to the literature on the evaluation of postgraduate studies particularly looking at the science, technology and innovation policies. It focuses on the case of Science and Technology Policy Studies (TEKPOL), METU, which has a history of 20 years. Established in 1997, METU-TEKPOL has an interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of the economic, social and political factors that drive technological change and innovation. In order to investigate the influence of the TEKPOL postgraduate programs, official register data and questionnaire data are used to explore added-value effects of TEKPOL on interdisciplinarity, careers of its graduates and innovation, science and technology environment in Turkey. Based on an online questionnaire conducted to TEKPOL graduates, the ways in which post-graduate programs had an impact on Turkey’s science, technology and innovation environment are explored.