The Role of urban agriculture in enhancing public space; an evaluation of types

Aminoleslami Oskouei, Sadaf
Food is the essential element of human existence; thus the growing, distribution and providing access to food for citizens is one of the most important issues of the cities. World‘s population has been escalating rapidly in the last decades, and many cities still witness a flow of migration from rural areas. One of the major problems of cities is the decrease in the amount of open public spaces and the quality of social and public life of inhabitants; which also causes the lack of experience of outdoor spaces and togetherness. Recently Urban Agriculture has emerged and gained importance as a phenomenon that addresses these problems besides other issues such as economic problems. This thesis is dedicated to studying Urban Agriculture as a place-making activity that produces productive public spaces in cities. The thesis defines and further evaluates the contributions of different types of these spaces to the quality of public life. In this respect, in addition to reviewing the historical emergence and the transformation of the role and functions of Urban Agricultural spaces, an evaluation of different types of this practice is done within the framework of successful place-making theories. The practice of Urban Agriculture is also studied in the Turkish context to further assess the potentials and qualities of the practice for the future of Turkish cities.


Çınar, Sena; Büyükcivelek, Ahmet Burak; Department of City Planning (2023-1-9)
Nowadays, creativity is fundamental in many aspects of life. A core component of the creative economy era, the creative community refers to a community of creative class, creative entrepreneurs, authorities, and local people. Creative communities have become important attractions for local cities. For this reason, the emergence of the creative class, which is expressed as creative people, artists, bohemians, or the new middle class, and creative entrepreneurs have caused it to play an important role in the ...
The causal nexus between carbon dioxide emissions and agricultural ecosystem-an econometric approach
Asumadu-Sarkodie, Samuel; Owusu, Phebe Asantewaa (2017-01-01)
Achieving a long-term food security and preventing hunger include a better nutrition through sustainable systems of production, distribution, and consumption. Nonetheless, the quest for an alternative to increasing global food supply to meet the growing demand has led to the use of poor agricultural practices that promote climate change. Given the contribution of the agricultural ecosystem towards greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, this study investigated the causal nexus between carbon dioxide emissions and a...
An Analysis of social media use regarding foodways by university students: the case of Sakarya University
Yüzüncüyıl, Kübra Sultan; Avcı, Özgür; Department of Media and Cultural Studies (2017)
The notion of food has been related with certain social and cultural values throughout history. In today’s society, with the rise of new media technologies cultural structure have been digitized. Food culture in this main, is also endowed with digital codes. In particular, social media has been integrated into foodways. This study attempts to examine the gratifications that individuals obtain from social media use on foodways. In the first part of study the relationship between food culture and digital cult...
Determination of optimum cropping pattern of irrigation fields
Özcan, Cem; Altan Sakarya, Ayşe Burcu; Department of Civil Engineering (2017)
Water and nutrients are the main physiological requirements of human beings and therefore vegetal nutrients are of great importance to humans. In order to obtain the required plant diversity under the conditions of variable climate, soil and topography, it is necessary to ensure that the amount of water required by the plant during the growing season is stored in the root zone of the plant, which is called "irrigation". Global warming and population growth factors increase the need for water, which necessit...
Global Politics of Food Security
Genç, Barış Emre; Tanrısever, Oktay Fırat; Department of International Relations (2022-9)
Food is one of the most basic needs of humanity and is a central issue in national and international policies. As food is essential in International Relations, history has witnessed numerous food-related problems. In particular, food crises, hunger, rising food prices, and environmental deterioration, which have come to the fore since the 1970s, have shaped the issue of food security. Thus, the multi-dimensional, multilevel, and complex nature of food security has become more critical while facing numerous ...
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S. Aminoleslami Oskouei, “The Role of urban agriculture in enhancing public space; an evaluation of types,” Thesis (M.Arch.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Architecture., Middle East Technical University, 2019.