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Assessment of changes in world heritage sites: the case of ‘Pergamon and its multi-layered cultural landscape’

Candan, Aslı
This study aims to investigate effects of World Heritage Listing on heritage places and to analyze possible reasons and impacts of change after inscription on a selected heritage place. In the selected case of 'Pergamon and its Multi-Layered Cultural Landscape', two consequent surveys were conducted, before and after the inscription containing the same set of information on the physical, functional and socio-economic features of the heritage place. These two data were presented and evaluated in order to understand the changes together with the reasons and impacts of these changes in Bergama. Later, within the context of defined aim, reasons of these changes in global and local context and their impacts on selected heritage place were evaluated and presented. Finally, a brief discussion on the pros and cons of heritage listing and the future of the selected heritage place was made.