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The Use of transitions, frame markers and code glosses in Turkish EFL learners’ opinion paragraphs

Sancak, Diğdem
The aim of this study is threefold: (i) to identify the types, frequencies and functions of the interactive metadiscourse devices such as transitions, frame markers and code glosses employed by Turkish learners of English in their English opinion paragraphs; (ii) to discover the reasons for the employment and avoidance of those markers by the Turkish EFL writers; (iii) to uncover the effect of teaching materials on the use of the scrutinized interactive metadiscourse markers. To fulfill these aims, data from B1 level prep-school students were collected in five stages: (1) Pre-treatment English student paragraphs; (2) Post-treatment English student paragraphs; (3) think-aloud sessions; (4) follow-up interviews; and (5) online questionnaire. The collected data set were analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively. The findings of the study pointed out to the importance of training and teaching materials on the frequency and successful use of metadiscourse markers.