Brexit and the UK’s alternative future security and defense relationship with the European Union

Karataş, Gülşah
The UK decided to leave the EU on 23 June 2016 with a historical referendum. Brexit vote paved the way for new academic discussions on European disintegration process. There are concerns over Brexit that it could lead to a domino effect and increase the anti-EU voices among member states. There is a vital need to find a new security and defense partnership to secure the borders of Europe as reducing cooperation will not be a logical or intended option for both parties. This thesis aims to analyze alternative options for post-Brexit EU-UK security and defense relationship. It will argue that the most viable option for the UK is to establish bilateral/trilateral or multilateral relations with privileged partners while also supporting close and ambitious EU-NATO cooperation.


Brexit and the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement in comparison: EU principles and practices of governing the neighbourhood
Kahraman, Sevilay (2022-08-01)
Brexit is the recent example of British exceptionalism, namely, accommodating the UK's special position in the EU through differential membership, albeit from outside. UK negotiators initially demanded a 'bespoke' agreement for retaining most benefits of membership with limited obligations. Faced with an EU united around a set of negotiating guidelines, the UK opted for a distant and looser future relationship. Indeed, Brexit negotiations and the EU-UK TCA highlight core principles of EU external relations....
Brexit’ in Turkish Political Debates: End of the Road or a New Trajectory?
Alpan, Başak Zeynep; Şenyuva, Özgehan (null, 2020-01-01)
This chapter explores perceptions of the Brexit process and images of European integration after Brexit in Turkey. It aims to identify perceptions of the European Union (EU) among Turkish elites, general public opinion and Turkish EU experts in the period of uncertainty following the Brexit vote of 2016 in the UK. The prevalent British sentiment that the EU is a Franco-German project that privileged French and German interests to the detriment of those of the other member states is somewhat similar to the m...
Discursive strategies in the Brexit debate: the Economy
Akhan, Yağmur Lalin; Şenyuva, Özgehan; Department of International Relations (2022-6)
This thesis aims to scrutinize discursive strategies (attack, acclaim, and defense) the Leave and Remain campaigners employed during the section on the economy in the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum debate, which was broadcasted live on BBC on 21 June 2016. The data was selected according to five criteria; time frame, broadcasting medium (radio/television), broadcasting type (pre-recording/ live broadcasting), genre, and public appeal. The debate was transcribed verbatim in ELAN Transcri...
Conservative Party of the UK and the European Union: from Euroscepticism to Brexit
Işık, Fatih; Torun, Zerrin; Department of International Relations (2020)
The Conservative Party of the United Kingdom has shown differing attitudes towards European integration. Conservative Governments in the early 1960’s strived for UK’s membership to the European Economic Community (EEC). Membership to the EEC was eventually achieved with a Conservative government led by Prime Minister Edward Heath in January 1973 and the Conservatives supported membership to the EEC in the 1975 referendum. However, aversion towards further European integration (i.e. Euroscepticism) started t...
European Union citizenship and its impacts on the formation of European political identity
Kolsuz, Neval; Yurdusev, Ahmet Nuri; Department of European Studies (2010)
This thesis aims at evaluating the impacts of European Union Citizenship on the development process of European political identity. With the introduction of European Union citizenship upon the ratification of the Treaty of Maastricht, a breath of fresh air has been brought to the ongoing debates and a new form of citizenship has taken its place in the literature. The “workers’ right to free movement ” which was the core of the push for European citizenship, has played a pioneering role for the rights engend...
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G. Karataş, “Brexit and the UK’s alternative future security and defense relationship with the European Union,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Social Sciences. International Relations., Middle East Technical University, 2019.