Not al-quds, but Damascus: Palestinian jihadists of Lebanon in the Syrian war (2011 –2017)

Çete, Erman
Ongoing Syrian War is one of the most important historical event for both the Middle East and the world in recent history. Regional and international powers with their proxies has shaped not only Syrian politics, economy, and international relations, but also neighbors of Syria, such as Turkey, Lebanon, and Iraq, and the roles of world powers such as the United States of America and Russia. The rise and threat of transnational jihadist organizations is one of the crucial consequences of the war, and foreign fighters has become a contentious issue in Western and Arab worlds. With Syrian War, transnational jihadist course found a new haven, and its impact is perceived throughout the Middle East. In this respect, Syria’s neighbor Lebanon has become a fertile ground for jihadist groups and this country’s Palestinian question has become mor complex. Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon has emerged as a safe haven for transnational jihadist organizations, and in particular, for jihadist who have been waging war against the Syrian government. This study aims to place Palestinian jihadists of Lebanon in the context of transnational jihad, Syrian War, and Palestinian question inside Lebanon.
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E. Çete, “Not al-quds, but Damascus: Palestinian jihadists of Lebanon in the Syrian war (2011 –2017),” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Social Sciences. Middle East Studies., Middle East Technical University, 2019.