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Identifying and managing risk in mega-projects: the case of automotive test center project in Turkey

Ayvazoğlu, Buğra
The issue of risk assessment in projects has attracted considerable attention in both practice and the literature. Although the number of studies investigating large-scale engineering projects (construction, rail system projects, power plants, etc.) has been increasing, majority of them focus on private sector. In this thesis, it is specifically focused on a current, mega-project where both governmental and private organizations participate, namely the Automotive Test Center Project carried out in Turkey. This megaproject is investigated in three steps: i) risk identification, ii) risk assessment/ measurement, and iii) risk management stages. Furthermore, due to the heterogeneity of the parties involved, risk perceptions of different stakeholders are also examined. Adopting a single case study approach, data is collected via three main sources: archival data, survey data with 47 respondents, and five detailed interviews conducted with the main governmental contractor.