Proposal of a New Tool for 3D Pattern Generation

The behavior of sound in an enclosed space is very complex. This behavior is closely related to boundaries, material properties and with the form of the space they are in. In this paper, the image source method as a method for modeling the sound field in enclosed spaces is re-visited and patterns of image sources and their relationships with the geometry of enclosing space is studied by using polygons/polyhedrons in 2D and 3D. Symmetries of these image source points, identification of possible polygons enabling simple geometrical shape formations and knowing the resulting geometrical pattern, is used as an input to an acoustic model, reducing the complexity and computational time. Visualization of such complex patterns provides a solid tool to grasp complex relationships. Therefore transcoding the invisible relationships of acoustics into geometric patterns of mathematics provides a valuable means to improve the cognition of sound phenomena and to extract information as design input.


Özyörük, Yusuf; Tester, Brian J. (2015-07-16)
Understanding sound propagation through variable area ducts continues to be important for controlling turbomachinery noise. In analytical treatment of the problem it is usually assumed that duct cross sections vary slowly and no mode scattering takes place. It is the purpose of this work to investigate numerically the effects of cross-sectional changes of varying degree on transmission of acoustic modes typical to turbomachinery. First, sound fields of interest through such ducts are obtained numerically by...
Uncertainty in Nonlinear SDoF Response Due to Long-Period Noise of Accelerograms
Akkar, Dede Sinan; Guelkan, Polat; Kale, Oezkan (2009-07-01)
The behavior of nonlinear oscillator deformations due to the long-period noise in strong ground motions is investigated. Inelastic spectral and residual displacements (SDIE and SDR, respectively) are selected to represent the nonlinear deformations of single-degree-of-freedom (SDoF) systems. Within this context, the interaction between these deformation demand parameters and high-pass filtering that is used for removing the long-period noise is examined. Analyses indicate that the high-pass filter values ca...
Numerical and experimental investigation of tubeaxial fan noise
Bodur, Ahmet; Çalışkan, Mehmet; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2014)
In this study, the noise characteristic of a tube axial fan is investigated numerically and experimentally. The effects of blockage plate in front of the tube axial fan on the tube axial fan noise level are experimentally investigated. A computational aero-acoustic method is used to predict the flow induced fan noise. This method couples a flow solver and a wave equation solver. Unsteady flow analysis is performed with URANS (Unsteady Reynolds Average Navier Stokes Equation) method while acoustics radiation...
Optimization of the sound source position for shaping acoustically-structurally coupled cavities
Sorguç, Arzu; Shi, Qinzhong; Akagunduz, Haldun (null; 2001-12-01)
In this study, sound field inside acoustically-structurally coupled rectangular cavity excited by structural loading and sound sources is shaped by optimizing the position of the sound source. In the optimization, Most Probable Optimal Design (MPOD) based on Holographic Neural Network is employed and the results are compared with Sequential Quadratic Programming (SQP). It is shown that source position, rather than source strength, is more effective in acoustically controlled modes. The nodal positions for i...
Investigation of ground vibrations induced by production blasting at Uşak Kışladağ gold mine
Çakmak, Bezmi Barış; Bilgin, Hasan Aydın; Department of Mining Engineering (2007)
Ground vibrations from blasting are acoustic waves that propagate through the earth. They are also termed seismic waves because their propagation characteristics are similar to the ground motions produced by earthquakes. Amplitude of ground vibration induced by blasting may vary significantly at or around an open pit mine depending on parameters such as the maximum amount of explosive detonating at a time interval and the physical distance between the shot and the location of concern, whereas the frequency ...
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