The Family medicine practice in Turkey from the perspectives of the physicians within the framework of neo-liberalism

Şen, Zeynep Deniz
This thesis intends to investigate the Family Medicine Practice in Turkey within the framework of neo-liberal health policies which are Health Transformation Program and General Health Insurance. Family Medicine Model is one of the ways of organizing the primary health care services within a health care system of a country. Even if there are plenty of researches conducted, most of those were took the patientsatisfaction as the reference point to determining the effectiveness of the practice. Due to such a literature gap and the need of research on this subject, this thesis aimed to evaluate the practice of the Family Medicine Scheme in Turkey through benefiting both from the theoretical framework of the subject and the thoughts of the family physicians. One of the other motives of the thesis is to discover the reasons of the failure if the practice of Family Medicine in Turkey failed. Therefore, this thesis intended to point out the non-functioning elements of Family Medicine practice in the case of Turkey through examining the mechanisms of the model in Turkey through benefiting from the theoretical information in the existing literature and the thoughts of the family physicians who are currently working by conducting an online questionnaire on 198 family physicians all around the Turkey. This study contributes to health policy field through discovering the points needed to be improved or the actions may be taken by the policy makers to establish and sustain a better primary health care services policy implementation both in theory and practice.
Citation Formats
Z. D. Şen, “The Family medicine practice in Turkey from the perspectives of the physicians within the framework of neo-liberalism,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Social Sciences. Political Science and Public Administration., Middle East Technical University, 2019.