Continuous improvement on maturity and capability of security operation centers

Erdur, Efe Suat
This thesis has been studied to define the importance of maturity and capability assessment, and continuous improvement for Security Operation Centers (SOC). Additionally, it aims contribute to the academic literature to fill the research gap in this specific domain as well. The main focus of this thesis is to combine those two important concepts under same study and define a methodology to provide Security Operation Centers' a self-assessment capability which also evaluates the gaps between current and desired states of the organization and determine the most critical aspects that are suggested to be improved at first. The applicability of the methodology has been supported with a use case scenario. More importantly, it is evaluated using conversational analysis methodology of qualitative analyze approach and evaluation results have been presented at the final part of the thesis report.
Citation Formats
E. S. Erdur, “Continuous improvement on maturity and capability of security operation centers,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Informatics. Cyber Security., Middle East Technical University, 2019.