A review on capability and maturity models of building ınformation modelling

Yılmaz, Gökçen
Akçamete Güngör, Aslı
Demirörs, Onur
Process assessment and maturity models in software engineering are widely used for process improvement. Likewise, assessing BIM capability and maturity have important effects on increasing BIM performance and enhancing benefits of BIM usage. Thus, there are various BIM capability and maturity models in the literature which are important for users to be able to select appropriate model for their BIM assessment purposes. This study aims to identify and analyse BIM capability and maturity models in the construction industry by doing a systematic literature review. As a result of this review, a total of 189 articles are investigated and 84 of them are found to be relevant. The identified methods are compared based on their purposes and components and the findings are presented in a comparison table. Additionally, widely used capability and maturity models in software engineering are identified and these models are compared with BIM capability and maturity models in terms of their structures. This comparison will be utilized for development of a process based BIM capability assessment model.
Proceedings of the Joint Conference on Computing in Constructio, 2017


An Assessment of BIM-CAREM Against the Selected BIM Capability Assessment Models
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Tanrıöver, Ö. Özgür; Demirös, Onur; Department of Information Systems (2002)
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